We are a group of deeply concerned citizens bringing people together, designing pathways to unlock deep system change by celebrating our differences and diversity, against the threat of climate catastrophe, for a sustainable, creative, socially and ecologically just future.


Willow Berzin

Founder & Chief Assembler


Designing pathways to systemic change, Willow works at the intersection of human potential and social impact for deep systems change. She spent the last couple of decades roaming the world, honing a diverse and unique set of skills as a highly experienced and sought after creative strategist and experience designer. Both a consultant and a practitioner, Willow has worked on projects for the likes of Google, Apple and the BBC, primarily working with startups for the past eight years. She is now focused on how to be of service to, and deepening democracy to bring people together, for the very real climate and biodiversity emergency deadline. Her Ikigai is about working with good people, doing good things, creating hope and positively influencing the future, to leave the world a better place than she found it.

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Sonia Randhawa

Founder & Citizens Assembler


Dr Sonia Randhawa is a founder of the Coalition of Everyone, an organisation with the vision of disrupting the politics of despair and building a politics of hope through participatory, deliberative democratic initiatives. Within the Coalition, she focuses on Citizens' Assemblies, building capacity for deepening democracy through working with local councils, schools and other organisations to increase awareness of Citizens' Assemblies. She now spends her time talking with local groups, running mock Citizens' Assemblies and integrating randomised deliberative democracy into organisations or businesses. Previously she has worked on media democratisation, freedom of information and media freedom in her birth country, Malaysia, as an award-winning print and radio journalist in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Australia, and as a tutor in SouthEast Asian history and media and communications for the University of Melbourne and Monash University Malaysia. She holds a PhD in media history from the University of Melbourne, and an undergraduate degree in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Oxford.

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Susan Porter

Founder & Operations Assembler


Susan is a designer, with many years’ experience as a commercial project manager and more recently working as a design process strategist, with focus on organisational structures, researching alternative ways of working, mapping teams within practices, developing ways of working tools and designing frameworks that allow businesses to remain creative and agile within a structure that supports individuals and teams to self-organise and communicate effectively. As a Founder of the Coalition of Everyone, Susan's experience as a project manager and process designer supports their vision and need to move quickly and as part of the ongoing initiatives that are formulated within the People’s Assembly framework, is driven to support other working groups as they creatively find solutions that align with the scale of the climate emergency.

Pru Gell

Lead Deep Democracy Facilitation


Leading social change organisations, government and boards bring Pru in to enable them to work through tensions and differences that are thwarting achieving their optimal impact. Pru is a highly sought after facilitator, conflict transformer and advisor on group dynamics and organisational change, with over fifteen years of experience. Knowing that people, groups, change-making, ecosystems, and the time that we live in are incredibly complex, Pru uses and teaches processes, including Deep Democracy, to elicit deep wisdom in groups and enable them to take quantum leaps forward in understanding. Pru is a published writer and award-winning poet and speaker. She is the founder of Facilitators Declare a Climate Emergency. Pru lives on Wurundjeri and Wadawurrung Country with her partner, baby and four years old kinder climate striker. 

Oliver Clifton

Film-maker & Story Teller


Oliver is a filmmaker, activist and creative director of a production studio, X-Ray Vision. He collaborates across public, private and not for profit sectors and is interested in sharing inspiring stories about the world in which we live; the creators, innovators, leaders, and change-makers that are working towards a better world for our children and future generations. The human experience is central to Oliver’s focus as his work highlights ways in which we enrich it through communities and the environment as we act responsibly for our role as custodians of the future. As a filmmaker for Extinction Rebellion, Oliver has catalysed his experience of attending the now infamous COP15, UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen with extensive project-based research, to arrive at a holistic understanding of the power of the citizen in transforming communities through direct action, strategic disruption and peoples’ assemblies. 

Matt Lobb

UX/UI Designer

Matt is a multi-disciplined designer. Growing up in the beautiful natural landscapes of New Zealand he is committed to using his design skills in order to preserve these natural wonders and create a more enjoyable, and sustainable future for our earth.

Adam Jacoby


Founder & Chief Steward MiVote, Chairman Esport Mogul (ASX:ESH), 2X Codex World’s Top 50 Innovator, Director Global & Innovation, Swinburne Innovation Precinct

Olivia Cozzollino


Principal, Growth Services at Social Traders Ltd

Keely Macarow


Associate Professor and Coordinator Creative Care, RMIT University

Code for Australia

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We are always looking for more passionate and experienced

change-makers to collaborate and partner with. Please use the contact form if you might be interested in working together, as we mobilise our way out of disaster and into the future we long for.

1% of ticket sales pays the rent on stolen land

We acknowledge First Nations Peoples of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands as the custodians of the unceded lands upon which we conduct activities and the enormous challenges that the climate crisis is playing on land, ocean, biosphere, biodiversity and people.


We acknowledge the importance of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom in the process of addressing the climate emergency, and also acknowledge the people of the Pacific region as also being at the forefront of the climate emergency.


Furthermore, we acknowledge that Australia is in a climate emergency and that actions and solutions for a safe climate, an environmental, and socially just transition need to be developed and implemented immediately.


Our aim is to accelerate change for a just transition, starting locally but thinking and acting globally.