Democracy is not a spectator sport


81 participants

5 panelists

2 MC & facilitation

10 support event volunteers

6.45pm - 9pm, Thursday 13th Feb

Sustainable Living Festival

@Tradeshall, Melbourne, Australia


Lidia Thorpe, climate justice

Tim Hollo, climate democracy

Adam Jacoby, democracy

Sonia Randhawa, renewing democracy

Iain Walker, citizen’s assemblies


Matt Wicking

Pru Gell


To give participants ideas on how they can help renew democracy in these unprecedented times


Rebooting democracy in the climate crisis

Things you can do:

  • Pay the rent on stolen land


  • Get to know your neighbours

  • Start building projects with them, cultivate healthy democracy together from the ground up

  • Go analogue - use your time wisely

  • Your time, passion and expertise is the most tangible and valuable thing you have. Join or volunteer with a group that is actively making change happen

  • Recognise our common goals

  • Complex problems require common ground rather than division. We can easily habitually try to impose our will on others, instead start to think about what needs to happen for you to change your mind. A simple action is to speak with someone who holds different views and likely has a different life experience, try not to debate them into submission but to identify areas of agreement

  • Start organising deliberative discussions

  • Create next steps in your community for the times that we're in.

  • You may recognise the need for citizen, community or policy led change, or both!

  • Get in touch if you would like some help

  • Find your role, attend a climate assembly

  • Come to the next Coalition of Everyone’s People’s Assembly to find your role,

  • Check event listings for details

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1% of ticket sales pays the rent on stolen land

We acknowledge First Nations Peoples of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands as the custodians of the unceded lands upon which we conduct activities and the enormous challenges that the climate crisis is playing on land, ocean, biosphere, biodiversity and people.


We acknowledge the importance of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom in the process of addressing the climate emergency, and also acknowledge the people of the Pacific region as also being at the forefront of the climate emergency.


Furthermore, we acknowledge that Australia is in a climate emergency and that actions and solutions for a safe climate, an environmental, and socially just transition need to be developed and implemented immediately.


Our aim is to accelerate change for a just transition, starting locally but thinking and acting globally.