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The Coalition of Everyone is a non-partisan,

non-profit organisation, that offers alternatives to handle the escalating climate crisis, alternatives to politics as usual, alternatives that build community, not division.

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Humanity is on a razor’s edge. From Trump to Bolsonaro, we are seeing the world turn to authoritarian personalities who promise ideological short cuts that defy facts, science and human rights. People’s & Citizens’ Assemblies offer a more democratic, just and empowering alternative.

"If the system won't allow us to save the earth. Then we must change the system"




We believe that to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies we have to overcome democratic disconnect by removing the barriers to change, and by removing barriers to participatory democracy. Democracy improves the more people participate. And the climate emergency needs everyone involved.


We can do this by re-engaging diverse voices of people through both a People’s Assembly framework and the need for formal Citizen’s Assemblies, through all levels of society and governance.


We need to bring people, communities, organisations, business, sector and government together to develop collective responses to the climate emergency. We are building a Coalition of Everyone to work and move together, at the same time and in the same direction.

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We host events that bring people and communities together with organisations, sectors, businesses and government. Using a collaborative discussion and decision making framework, these events build radical collaboration towards new initiatives. To mobilise untapped human potential, so we can all recognise our roles and where we can add value. Working together on the climate emergency deadline.



We welcome people of all political beliefs, all views, colours and creeds, with the understanding that Coalition of Everyone events only work when people actively respect the other participants, engage in active listening and work together for the common good.

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