Dear change-makers,


Shaker-uppers, allergists of the status quo, to the thinkers, the makers and doers, the newbies, survivors and veterans, the quiet ones and the outspoken, the actionists raring to get on with the job, and especially to all the people feeling powerless in the odds of what we face and want to help. To all of you, courageous and hopeful people ready to make deep systems change happen.

Participation is essential

A new CoE.lab with 

Dumbo Feather & Coalition of Everyone





Interested in holding an assembly for the climate emergency in your area? 


We welcome people of all political beliefs, all views, colours and creeds, with the understanding that Coalition of Everyone events only work when people actively respect the other participants, engage in active listening and work together for the common good.

1% of ticket sales pays the rent on stolen land

We acknowledge First Nations Peoples of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands as the custodians of the unceded lands upon which we conduct activities and the enormous challenges that the climate crisis is playing on land, ocean, biosphere, biodiversity and people.


We acknowledge the importance of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom in the process of addressing the climate emergency, and also acknowledge the people of the Pacific region as also being at the forefront of the climate emergency.


Furthermore, we acknowledge that Australia is in a climate emergency and that actions and solutions for a safe climate, an environmental, and socially just transition need to be developed and implemented immediately.


Our aim is to accelerate change for a just transition, starting locally but thinking and acting globally.